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Your special day deserves the best

We are storytellers at heart.


Your wedding day is more than an itinerary it's a narrative. We capture all of the little moments to add character and tell the story of your wedding day in its entirety. Our seasoned wedding videographers create footage with the complete narrative in mind. Our videographers plan the edited version well in advance and capture footage of your wedding to tell your story. At Visual Event Films, we capture quality video and audio throughout your wedding to include in your video. We pay attention to all the details while maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the final film to provide you with the perfect story of your wedding day.

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We get the best shot every time.


There are no redos for the moments you can not live without. You have to trust your videographers to beautifully capture the memories you look forward to seeing in your wedding film. You can have confidence in us. Our artists have worked with thousands of couples and never disappoint. Our planning, skills, and wedding knowledge mean we will always capture the most breathtaking footage possible. Your precious moments are in good hands with the Visual Event Films team.

We see things differently.


Perspective is one of many powerful tools we use to tell your wedding story. Our videographers seek the most visually appealing point of view for each shot to achieve a dynamic video. Our team meticulously considers the framing and camera movements to show the emotions of each moment of your special day. In tandem with expert editing and sound design, we create your ideal wedding video. We strive for elegant visuals lead by a strong narrative.

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We love seeing your reaction!


We look forward to sharing your wedding film with you for the first time; this is when all of our hard work pays off! We aim for tears of joy. We love when couples are shocked by our ability to tell their story with deep connections to their personalities. When the music stops and the flowers die, you’ll have two things to remember your wedding: the photos and the video. While the photos will be fun to flip through, your wedding video will be the living, breathing artwork that allows you to relive all of the key moments of your wedding. At Visual Event Films, we like to take things a step further. Our storytelling provides you with an in-depth dive into your relationship and personalities during this milestone time. Learn how we take wedding videography to the next level by scheduling a consultation today!

We serve clients across Tarrytown, Manhatten, Brooklyn, Westchester County, The Hamptons, Long Island, Hudson Valley, Queens, New York, Fairfield, Hartford, Connecticut, Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Middlesex County, New Jersey, Williamsburg, Gowanus, Brooklyn, and the surrounding areas.

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