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The Story of Phoebe + Kris


A story of what it means to take part in the human experience told through the lens of Phoebe + Kris's wedding day.

Our Full Story package process

The Story of Rachel + Rory


The Sun and The Moon (The Story of Rachel & Rory) is from our Full Story Wedding Video package. This package creates unparalleled wedding videos focused on telling your story in cinematic style. We take a documentary approach to the filming process and transform the footage into a cinematic masterpiece.

Our Full Story package process


The Ultimate Super Power - The Story of Danielle + Rob


The Story of Michelle + Enzo


The Story of Reisa + Zach


The Story of Shelby + Jordan (short stylized film)


The Story of Ciano + Joey


The Story of Lauren + Nate


The Story of Katherine + Shawn


The Story of Arlene + Vincent


Smile Today (The Story of Arlene + Vincent) captures the personalities and beautiful love story before, during, and after the couple’s wedding day. Through our Full Story Process, we were able to capture the unique balance and narrative that lead them to “ I do.”


The Story of Mallory + Sean



The Story of Vero + Salo


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Wedding Video Tarrytown

Our Inspiration

Our story begins with this photo. The Queen Mary crosses the Atlantic carrying travelers from Belfast to New York. My grandmother, Margaret Eileen Bailey, a passenger, is looking to begin a new life. After her arrival, the story is a little fuzzy; over the years, my family has found it difficult to recall how she and my grandfather met. From what we remember, it was love at first sight, they met by chance, and that moment has brought my family and me to where we are today. Their love was destiny.

Sadly, Margaret had to return to Ireland shortly after her arrival. Before leaving, she tells my grandfather, Allen, they will be together again. Two agonizing months pass. Margaret keeps her promise and returns to New York to marry Allen. On January 11th, 1956, my grandparents, Margaret Eileen Bailey and Allen Williams, tied the knot.

Unfortunately, this photo is the only surviving artifact of their wedding. It has become more and more important to me and my family to capture every special moment and cherish the photos and videos we have of our lives. Every photograph and video tells a story; they show where we have been, how we felt, and how we ended up where we are today.

We define our lives by the important moments, big events, and the people we love. We are overcome with happiness, love, and anticipation in life’s perfect moments. It's funny how the memories we swear we'll never forget turn to a blur. Weddings are no different; your special day is full of defining moments: the first look, reading your vows, the first kiss, the first dance, cutting the cake, and so many more.

At Visual Event Films, we capture all of your wedding milestones and every moment in-between. Our filmmakers beautifully document every smile, touch, and kind word. We recreate the emotions, narrative, and once-in-a-lifetime moments you'll never want to forget. We are above all master storytellers; we don't just create wedding videos; we tell your story.

We're inspired by your story to make a film as beautiful as your love. We understand a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we are dedicated to preserving your most precious moments in a stunning wedding video. We pride ourselves on having the experience, knowledge, and filmmaking equipment of a large video production house while providing the support of a small wedding boutique. We are located in Tarrytown, NY, and capture video for weddings around the world. We mostly provide our services to weddings in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, the Hamptons, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, and the Hudson Valley.

Our Filmmakers in Tarrytown, New York have the skills and knowledge to capture breathtaking Wedding Video Footage

We serve clients across Tarrytown, Manhatten, Brooklyn, Westchester County, The Hamptons, Long Island, Hudson Valley, Queens, New York, Fairfield, Hartford, Connecticut, Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Middlesex County, New Jersey, Williamsburg, Gowanus, Brooklyn, and the surrounding areas.