28 Wedding Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Elevate your wedding with these creative ideas. 28 ways to personalize your ceremony and reception.

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In this list, we’ll go over 28 ideas to wow your wedding guests. From subtle details to over-the-top showstoppers, this list includes everything you need to make an impression. Without any further ado, here’s the list of the top 28 ways to wow your wedding guests. 

Food truck

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Tacos, ice cream, gourmet burgers, and more have a food truck waiting for your guests as they leave. It will surely blow them away. Adding a food truck or ice cream stand is a sure way to make your guests smile. Your wedding will be the highlight of everyone’s year.

Pop-up doughnut shop

Make your desert service an experience: give your guests a real treat with a pop-up doughnut shop or ice cream sundae stand. Create a design to match your theme.

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Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great and easy add-on. Some event game companies can create customized photo booths for your wedding. Photo booths give your guests a personal souvenir and can make for some fun wedding photos for you and your partner.

Place some polaroid cameras

Maybe a photobooth isn’t your style, or you don’t have room for one. Not to worry, you can still get those candid photos with some polaroid cameras. Place cameras with film and allow your guests to snap photographs throughout the party.

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Show your love story

Give some background info about your love story. A map or board with some photos makes a beautiful wedding decoration. They’re inexpensive to create and add a nice touch to your decor. Here are some examples of what you can include: baby photos, how you met, trips, concerts/events you went to (you can also add the ticket stubs), things you like to do together (hiking, sailing, playing board games, etc.), pet photos, funny/romantic anecdotes.

Name your tables instead of numbering them

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You can name your tables after pets, places traveled together, or local landmarks. Give your table cards a touch of fun and personality.

Locally sourced welcome basket

Provide a welcome basket with a local twist. You can include wine or beer from a local winery or brewery, artisan bread/baked goods from local bakeries, locally produced cheese, and fruits from a nearby farm. If any of your guests are from out of town, they will appreciate a list of the top restaurants, bars, attractions, and things to do.

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Customize everything

Have a custom monogram made to put on everything from matchbooks to your dancefloor. Ask your photographer or videographer if they can create one for you; they most likely will have graphic design experience.

Hire a painter

Almost every wedding has a photographer and videographer, but what about a painter? If you’re a fan of oil on canvas, a painter may be a perfect investment for your wedding. 

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Have a carnival

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This idea can be part of your wedding theme, or you can implement parts into your cocktail hour or reception. Include carnival games with prizes, a Ferris wheel, small rides, funnel cake, fried Oreos, cotton candy, and other carnival staples with a sophisticated twist. A carnival brings out the kid in all of us and is sure to make a statement.

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Give your pet some spotlight

Have a specialty cocktail named after your pet, or print a painting of them on the bathroom napkins. Some couples even include their pet in their vows. There is always a place for Luna at your wedding, even if she couldn’t RSVPaw.

Plan activities for children

If any of your guests bring kids, have some games and activities to keep them entertained. Provide coloring books during speeches and other activities they are sure to love.

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Add some neon

Depending on your theme, neon lights could be a great addition to your lighting scheme. They’re great for photos and add pops of color in areas where it otherwise may have been dull.

Have creative transportation

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If you are providing transportation, consider some unique options. Limousines, party buses, trollies, and boats are fun alternatives to shuttles. The same goes for your grand exit. As an example, if your venue has a dock, consider leaving in a boat.

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Cigar bar

Perfect for cigar enthusiasts, your cigar bar can feature a curated cigar collection and even a professional cigar roller. Include monogrammed lighters and cutters.

Cocktail hour games

For weddings featuring an outdoor element, include fun lawn games during your cocktail hour. This addition brings casual energy to your wedding and makes your guests feel more at home.

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Snow cone cocktails

For summer weddings, give your guests a fun cocktail to help them stay comfortable in the sun. Alcoholic popsicles and snowcones are exciting and help beat the heat. There’s no doubt everyone will want one.

Fire with s’mores

If your venue can accommodate a bonfire or fire-pit, take advantage. Include a s’mores station and maybe even some hot cocoa.

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Provide blankets and floor pillows

Floor pillows and blankets go great with a bonfire or firepit. Give your guests some floor pillows and blankets at night if temperatures cool; an intimate addition to your outdoor wedding. Monogrammed blankets also make a great keepsake.


Sparklers are inexpensive and add aesthetic value to your wedding. They look great in photos too.

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Have a fireworks show in honor of your wedding. Some entertainment and event games companies could produce a fireworks show for you if permitted in the area.

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Drone show

LED-lit drones in the night sky can produce virtually any image and will amaze all of your guests.


There is nothing like seeing your name written in the sky. Have a personalized message written among the clouds.

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Pyrotechnics and special effects

Fog-covered dance floors and stage pyrotechnics can enhance the ambiance of any reception. See what special effects you can add to take your party to the max.

Specialty lighting

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Custom lighting can completely transform your ceremony and reception. There are tons of options to consider: custom gobos, uplights, stage/dancefloor lights, neon lights, chandeliers, candles, and Edison bulbs just to name a few. Look into the lighting offered by your venue and consider supplemental lighting from a professional lighting company.

Have a parade

Have a small parade with a marching band to greet you after the ceremony. It’s not the easiest to pull off idea on this list, but it might just be the coolest.

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Time capsule

Include the items from your wedding day you hope to never forget in a time capsule. A decorated wooden box will do. Keep your time capsule under lock and key and plan to open it on an anniversary. The longer you wait the more exciting it will be to open!

Hire a live band

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Music can make or break a wedding. If you want to upgrade from a DJ, hire a live band. For most events, a 7-9 piece band will be the right amount to keep everyone dancing. Hire a band that plays the music you want to hear. A reputable entertainment company with audio technicians and experienced musicians is always preferred. Ask to see demo reels and any live footage they may have to ensure they are a good fit for your wedding. Duos, trios, and quartets are also great options for your ceremony and cocktail hour.

The most crucial part of any wedding is that the event makes you and your partner happy. If you prefer something small and intimate, you could adapt any of the ideas above to match your needs. If you dream of a big wedding with all the bells and whistles, I’m sure that you could find a few suggestions from this list to make your wedding day all the more special.

I recommend picking two items ideas and focusing on making them fit your day perfectly. It’s better to have the basics and a few extras done perfectly than to have too much going on.

Happy planning!