Full Story Wedding Videography Package

What is the full story package?

At Visual Event Films, we understand that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we believe your wedding video should be just as exceptional. That’s why we’ve crafted our Full Story Package, a wedding videography experience like no other. Our full story wedding videography packages are for couples that want the most from their wedding video. Our unique production process is designed to create an unparalleled wedding video for you and your partner and focuses on telling your story.

Our proprietary method utilizes narrative-building structures and personalizations to turn your wedding video into a truly breathtaking love story.

Full story packages include a narrative-building consultation, a unique story structure tailored to you, an additional day of filming, and a narrative wedding video about 8-12 minutes long.

A stand-out wedding video

Our Full Story wedding video process captures you and your partner’s personalities. We beautifully film your most genuine selves in the constructs of a meaningful narrative. Our wedding videos incorporate your values, interests, passions, family, and friends. Combining footage and audio from your wedding with the additional shoot day, we tell a story as timeless as your love.

Exactly what you’ve been looking for

The ordinary, cookie-cutter wedding videos fail to capture the unique essence of your love story.
We pride ourselves on offering something different and truly special. With our team of experienced and creative filmmakers, we are dedicated to crafting extraordinary visual narratives that reflect the essence of your love, personalities, and the indescribable magic that surrounds your wedding day.
What sets us apart is our ability to capture the raw emotions that sweep through the air and transform them into poetic visual stories.
Our custom-tailored approach ensures that your wedding video will be a true reflection of your authentic selves.

A wedding video with a twist

Full disclosure, this is not what you’d expect when you think of a “wedding video.” The Full Story package more accurately resembles a short film about your values and overall life journey. At its core, your film is an answer to the question “If we had a message for the world to hear, what would it be?”

Hearing your story

Your Full Story journey begins with a thoughtful conversation. We ask the right questions to uncover the core values, experiences, and emotions that bind you and your partner together. It’s a delightful experience that reminds you of the reasons you fell in love and the milestones you’ve shared.

Our understanding of who you are is the foundation for crafting your wedding video. Excellent communication is at the heart of our filmmaking process.

Couple in field playing a guitar
Couple climbing uphill together with their dog

Building your story

We begin to creatively build a narrative for your wedding video that is truly yours. We start by brid connections between your values and interests. Next, we layer in background information such as shared experiences and complementing personality traits. Finally, we incorporate fitting storytelling themes.

We cohesively meld everything together to form a one-of-a-kind love story that perfectly depicts you and your partner.

Filming your story

In addition to filming your wedding day, our Full Story videography packages include an additional day of filming. This is where the magic happens. We capture the narrative elements of your story to be incorporated into your wedding film. We like to implement props, symbolic locations, and do whatever it takes to enrich your narrative.

Couple sitting on a beach lit by campfire
Overhead shot of couple out in the water riding a canoe

Telling your story

All the footage and audio come together in our editing studio to create a masterpiece – a wedding video that’s about 8-12 minutes long. We meticulously craft the video to showcase your unique love story. Our talented filmmakers, videographers, editors, and storytellers pour their hearts and skills into creating a film that captures the beauty of your journey.

The result is something truly spectacular and original.

The filmmaking process

The Full Story is a four-step wedding filmmaking process unlike any other focused on creating a personalized experience that will reflect your values in the final wedding video.

Couple hugging each other

Our Full Story Wedding Package is an addition to our wedding packages, and we highly recommend adding this service to make your wedding video more sentimental and personal. It’s not just a video; it’s a work of art that tells your love story in a way that’s as unique and wonderful as you are.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey with us? For more information or to check our availability, please contact us. Let’s start telling your Full Story today.