Engagement Video Shoots

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They’re like engagement photos, but, you know… video

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, our virtual world has been growing faster than ever. With that, an insatiable craving for new and better content has emerged. Perpetuating the video takeover, TikTok’s quick rise to the top has forced other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook to elevate their game. More video capabilities and algorithm-based content preferences push video content to the forefront of social media (dexerto).

In the past, engagement shoots were captured only through photographs, but recently there has been an increase in video engagement shoots. Video presence has been rapidly increasing on social media platforms over the years. This year, Instagram has reported a 53% increase in video engagements compared to a 46.4% increase in photos (newswhip).

With that out of the way…

Many couples are now finding professional engagement video shoots are the new standard. Beyond social media postability, there are many reasons and uses for an engagement video. 

Here are a few:

Wedding Engagement shoot - The Hamptons, NY videography

They’re Fun

We make the experience a lot of fun. You get to be the star of your own movie. We capture posed and candid video inspired by your personalities.

Overall, it’s a glamourous, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Couples also love the bonding element of an engagement video. During the shoot, you and your partner express love in new ways.

Invitation and Save the Date Videos

Video invitations and save the date cards can be sent with or without traditional paper versions. Digital versions have a ton of benefits. They are way less hassle, require no envelope licking, don’t get lost in the mail, and are easy to track and manage responses. Furthermore, you have way more options for design, virtually limitless room, can include links, and even use video instead of photos. When it comes to making eye-catching e-vites, nothing beats a beautiful video.

here are some of our favorite digital invitation sites:

Greenvelope – eco-friendly, RSVP tracking, email invitations

Riley & Grey – comprehensive wedding website, matching paper and digital invitations, easy to use, planning features

Evite – Free and premium options, large selection, for all events, easy to use

Paperless Post – Free and premium options, large selection, for all events, easy to use

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Incorporate Into Your Wedding Video

When it comes to your wedding video, more is better. Adding a new location and wardrobe creates an even greater personal touch to your video. You can see you and your partner in the months leading up to the wedding day; this expands the story and brings back even more priceless memories.

Wedding videographer in The Hampton, NY
Wedding videographer- Hudson Valley, NY

A Forever Keepsake

The time between proposal and wedding is a fleeting and important milestone. Video helps you and your partner are relive the experiences and emotions of this special time forever.

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Happy planning!