Should You Have a Band
or DJ For Your Wedding?

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Which is better for your wedding entertainment, a band, DJ, or both?

The entertainment you hire for your wedding will directly affect the amount of fun you and your guests have at your reception. While bands and DJs can both create the right atmosphere for a celebration, you’ll ultimately have to choose which option is best for you. You should note that whether you choose a band or DJ, it’s most important they have the talent and experience to create the perfect dance set. Below we’ll go over the pros and cons for bands and DJs and options to give you the best of both worlds.

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Do you have room to fit a band? If you’re unsure, check with your planner or venue to see what your options are. If space is limited, you may need to choose between a small band or a DJ. In the section below titled “The Best of Both,” we include great options for venues tight on space.

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DJs are usually more budget-friendly than bands. Instead of paying for 7 to 12 musicians, you’re paying for just one person; this doesn’t necessarily mean a DJ is a fraction of the cost, but they tend to be less expensive.

Not many people realize that an amazing 7 piece band will sound better than a mediocre 12 piece band. Not only do you have to decide between band and DJ, but also who is playing the music.

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The Best of Both

Want the best of both worlds? There are some options available so you can experience both a band and a DJ at your wedding.

The first and most common is to have a band play your wedding reception and a DJ spin at your afterparty. At your reception, all ages can dance to the hits, and at your afterparty, the younger crowd can enjoy a more high-energy dance set.

A trend that has been becoming more popular is Band/DJ hybrids. You can replace band members with a DJ. While it will help bring the cost down, you will be missing that full-band energy, but it’s a great compromise. Hybrids are also great for venues with limited space.

Our recommended Bands and DJs below both offer hybrid options.

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Our Recommendations

Our Favorite Bands

For bands, we recommend Hank Lane Music. With a talented roster, plenty of bands to choose from, and over 40 years of experience, you don’t need to wonder why Hank Lane Music is debatably the most sought-after private event entertainment provider. You can check them out at

Our Favorite DJs

Our DJ recommendation goes to More Than Music (MTM). Beyond shire talent, MTM provides the flair needed to take your party up a notch. They have multiple DJs, offer instrument accompaniment, and represent the most accomplished event DJs. See more about MTM at

Our Favorite Entertainment Itinerary

We recommend the following for your wedding day entertainment:

A string or acoustic trio or quartet for your ceremony followed by a similar ensemble for your cocktail hour. You may even like to include a Harp which can play with the trio/quartet or greet your guests as they enter the venue. A 7-12 piece band for your reception and a DJ for your after party.

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No matter what you decide, what’s most important is that you choose the best band or DJ possible. Watch their videos to see how they interact, perform, and create a fun atmosphere.

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Happy planning!