Wedding Video Style Guide

Find The Right Style Wedding Video For Your Big Day

What are the different types of wedding videos?

There are five main types of wedding videos: highlight reel, wedding trailer, feature film, short film, and social media reel. Within these types, there are hybrids; the options you have will depend on the videographer.

Highlight Reel Wedding Video

A highlight reel is a quick wedding video that shows parts of the wedding day but no part as a whole. The final length of the highlight reel depends on the videographer; however, most are typically 3-7 minutes long.

Wedding Trailer

A wedding trailer is similar to a movie trailer. The video is a cinematic recap of the wedding day with audio and a soundtrack. Most wedding trailers are about 5-10 minutes long, but the length may vary depending on the videographer.

Feature Film Wedding Video

A wedding feature film is a long-form wedding video ranging from 45-minutes to 2 hours long. Feature films show the wedding day in its entirety.

Short Film Wedding Video

Short Film wedding videos show wedding day highlights and moments of importance such as the ceremony and first dance in detail. Short film wedding videos are a mix between feature films and wedding trailers. Short film wedding videos vary in length, but you can expect a final video of 10 minutes or longer.

Social Media Wedding Reel

A social media wedding reel is a short wedding video made to be posted on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Typically, social media reels are edited in addition to another type of wedding video because of their short length; they can run anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes long.

What are the different wedding video styles?

There are four main wedding video styles: cinematic, documentary, music video, and traditional. However, some wedding videos may not fit in just one category. Each wedding videographer has their own style, niche, and experience that will effect the style, type, and quality of the wedding video.

Cinematic Wedding Video

Cinematic wedding videos are filmed and edited with visual aesthetics in mind. This style of wedding video uses dynamic compositions and camera movement to bring a grand feel to the video. The cinematic style is typically paired with a highlight video, short film, or wedding trailer.

Documentary Wedding Video

Documentary wedding videos follow the action and give a natural, realistic feel. This style focuses on utilizing audio and capturing every moment of the day. For that reason, this style is the most flexible and can work with any type/length of wedding video.

Wedding Music Video

Wedding music videos include little to no audio captured at the wedding. The final video is a montage of moments from the wedding day presented over a music bed. Music videos are one of the most simple styles of wedding videos and often are inexpensive. Wedding music videos are a budget-friendly option but compromises content for savings.

Traditional Wedding Video

Traditional wedding videos are becoming less and less popular because of their low production value. These wedding videos are filmed on one or two tripod cameras capturing the day from a distance. Traditional wedding videos require very little skill to film and edit, therefore are becoming obsolete. Many couples would rather have friends and family record on their phones or not have any video than a traditional wedding video.

Breaking The Mold

The Sun and The Moon – The Story of Rachel and Rory

A Full Story Wedding Video

Our Full Story package provides the detailed coverage of a documentary wedding video with the aesthetics of a cinematic wedding video, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

For this package, we reimagined what a wedding video could be. Inspired by our extensive filmmaking backgrounds, we have developed a filmmaking process that closely resembles what you would see in Hollywood. From beginning to end, we reconstructed the wedding videography process to give you the wedding film that will take your breath away every time you watch it.

The intricate details of our process are a closely guarded secret; however, I will share the general steps and philosophy behind our storytelling.

It all begins with a conversation guided by our goal to learn more about you and your partner. From the information gathered, we develop a story that parallels your own.

The next step is to scout potential locations for our additional filming day that will align with the narrative before we build the story further.

On your wedding day, we capture cinematic footage and record crystal-clear audio to compose the building blocks of your story.

Before or after your wedding, we’ll schedule an additional filming day to add dynamic, beautiful footage to the wedding video. We strive to capture natural, genuine emotions and gestures to best represent your personalities.

The final step is editing. Our Full Story wedding videos are edited to create a cohesive story about 12-minutes long. We strike a tasteful and artistic balance between footage from the wedding and footage from the additional shooting day. We strategically place each shot, cut, and soundbite to add depth to the overall story.

The final result is a wedding video that perfectly represents not only your wedding day but you and your partner’s love story.

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